Buying Dab Rigs

With the health risk that smoking poses, most people have set on to getting into newer and modern ways of enjoying various concentrates. A classic practice has been vaping, but a new sensation known as dabbing has been taking over in the recent times.

Dabbing and vaping are similar to each other; dabbing explicitly means to inhale the vapor produced from heating herb concentrates. You may have a taken a few dabs and felt the need to invest in your dabbing rig. There are various dab models to choose from and are sold in consumer smoke shops like Head Shop Headquarters. Well here is a helpful guide with pro tips on what to look out for when you go shopping for your dabbing rig.

Purchasing dub rigs

Well, dabbing rigs are made up of; the nail, torch and the glass piece.

The Nail

The nail is an all-important piece of a dabbing rig. Its main function is to heat the concentrate above the point of vaporization; this is achieved by heating the nail with your torch. The nail comes in four different types, quartz, glass, titanium and ceramic.

Cheap-end dabs come with a glass nails. Glass nails are prone to break after too much heating since they are not made to withstand the high temperatures they will be exposed to. Also, it does not maintain heat. Ceramic nails are similar to glass nails, in that they may also break over time after heating but is better than glass regarding heat retention.

Dabs with quartz nails are more expensive than the ceramic and glass nail dabbers. Quartz nails heat up faster and are long-lasting. Their only disadvantage is that they don’t maintain heat for long.

Top-range dabs come with titanium nails. They are the ideal choice for experienced for experienced dabbers since they retain heat excellently and produce a continuous flow of vapor. Nevertheless, if overheated, titanium nails can burn the concentrate. You can control this is by pairing it with a water diffuser.

The Torch

The torch is used to heat up the nail. Smaller butane torches are a preferred type because of their manageable flame. This will help you avoid overheating the nail.

Should you, in any case, feel uncomfortable with the torch, do not worry as you can go for a dab with an e-nail. E-nails are easier to use as it makes it simpler to regulate the temperature. They also give the user an option of establishing the perfect temperature for the different type of concentrates.


Percolators allow for a cooler dabbing experience. It does a solid job of filtering the vapor, making the vapor cool as it leaves the final chamber. This allows one to allow bigger dabs. For newbies go for simple percolators.

Finally, dabs with more sophisticated designs are bound to cost more.