Choosing the Perfect Bong for You

If you like to smoke weed, you’ve probably known that smoking with a water bong is much easier compared to smoking with a joint, and not to mention they’re much more comfortable for a beginner who’s starting to smoke. There are so many benefits of using a water bong as their much more beginner-friendly, easy to use and not to mention they are also easy to clean. But how does one choose the perfect bong? In this article, we have listed several ways on how to select the ideal bong for you, make sure to read this article to find out more about it.


water pipe
Although water bongs are usually quite large, there are various sizes, and some are quite large. Smaller water bongs are perfect for portability, they can fit in your bag or glove compartment, and smaller water bongs mean smaller pipes which means easier to clean. Although larger pipes are usually more expensive, it gives you diversity in types of adapters and joints that you can use, while also offering a greater selection of the percolation chambers. We suggest to buy a small pipe for on the go or if you’re meeting a friend to smoke together while buying larger bongs just for yourself at home.

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Percolation chambers

Percolation chambers come in various shapes and sizes, and they are used to diffuse airflow to affect the heat and smoothness of a hit. Percolation chambers came in multiple types, in-line percolation chamber are a simple straight tube, and it functions pretty straightforward. Honeycomb percolation chambers have a honeycomb pattern which means it has a hole laid out just like a spider net on the bong. Although different diffusion methods depends on the person’s preferences, it can also affect the visual aesthetic quality of your bong, as some people like to look at the different way the water can move on the tube.

Price of the water bong

Water bongs can be quite expensive, but they do give aesthetic values if you’re the one to care about one. Brand-names pipes can go up to $50-150 depending on the brand itself, and sometimes a complex rig can make your bong’s price skyrocket, so make sure that you pick the one that fits your liking and your wallet as well.…

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