Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Wireless Dog Fence

There is the existence of many types of wireless dog fences on the market. A wireless fence is defined as a system which wireless or invisible fence is created for the dog(s) in a home. The various types of wireless fences available will cater for any the dog and its breed. The wireless dog fence can be portable whereby the dog owner can carry it along to any place he or she is traveling to. The system allows for the dogs to be kept safe without causing disturbance and destruction to the neighboring homes or houses. A dog collar which is well-designed plays the role of transmitting signals to the primary device so that the dog is restricted to a particular area or location.  Click here for the wireless dog fences. The following are the best wireless dog fences to be considered by an individual in the market;

PetSafe stay


The best moments are created by PetSafe stay wireless dog fence by ensuring safety, happiness and health of the dog are achieved at the end of the day. It is the newest model of the wireless fence in the market. It is entirely wireless and portable whereby the is no presence of wires being buried within the system. It can cover a radius of one hundred and five acres as well as an area of three to four acres. It consists of batteries which are rechargeable whereby the charging process takes a minimum of two hours and a maximum of three hours. On the receiver collar, static correction with five levels is included. A safe space is created for the dogs without the need of building a physical fence.

PetSafe wireless

The system for the PetSafe wireless kind of dog fence requires minimal effort to setup whereby the transmitter is just plugged in. Its circular range covers a wide range or area of up to one hundred and eighty feet in diameter. During installation, there is no need of wires being hidden by burying them since no wires are required in the system. The receiver can perform or operate in any weather condition and is water resistant at the same time. It is convenient because there are warnings or indications when battery levels are low.

Sit boo


The sit boo type of wireless dog fence is considered to be pocket-friendly to most individuals. It consists of fence cords which are invisible, and they do not cause interference with the design of the landscape. It includes five adjustable correction levels for training the dogs.…

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