Pitfalls to avoid when dealing with motor trade insurance

Motor trade insurance carries with it a myriad of benefits thus ensuring a trader is fully compensated in cases where issues arise vis a vis the trade value of the vehicle or vehicles involved. It is therefore important that a trade dealer scrutinizes all factors involved before getting into a motor trade insurance policy. The utility saving expert is one of the best motor trade insurance. There are several pitfalls that might make an insurance deal go sour presently or in future thus jeopardizing everything.


Key issues


When arranging for a motor trade insurance, there are key issues that one must always consider so as to get the right policy. The first critical beat is to ensure that you don’t fall into a rush of seeking an insurer. Most motor traders make a snap decision to apply for cover without understanding what they are getting into. It is prudent enough to make a well-informed analysis to reach a good decision. This entails comprehending various insurance jargon as well as seeking clarity for every bit of information provided. Taking notes at this particular stage may be vital.

True information

As a motor trade dealer, you must avoid giving false information to the insurance trader. A trader must always fulfil his or her duty of disclosure. This means that you provide correct information which must not be an estimation of any kind whatsoever. Precision and objectivity should be the core of everything. Discrepancies in documentation from either party must be notified immediately so that it may not affect the future cover.


Paperwork is important and should never be disregarded. People get into pitfalls by merely ignoring paperwork. When this done, then it means that the motor trader does not know if the information provided is accurate or not. All the documents should be read carefully to make sure that you understand what you’re covered for and if all the information discussed is properly indicated in an effective way.

Extra costs

Lastly, a motor trade dealer should avoid unnecessary extras as well as limiting the number of documents required. This may compromise the policy or delay the implementation of the policy. Unnecessary extras will not provide an avenue for making more money, therefore, one should stick to a clear policy that is better tailored to your business. On the other hand, proper and accurate documentation must be sent to the insurer to enable a smooth implementation of the policy.



The aforementioned are critical pitfalls to avoid when dealing with motor trade insurance, which when ignored, may turn out to be perilous for the business. It is proper that they are avoided at all costs to enable smooth and speedy implementation of the policy without having to part with a huge fine.…

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